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The Punishment of Al-Munafiqun (Hypocrites) in Islam


In fact, God promises to throw the disbelievers into the fire of hell. But, He (SWT) dislikes Al-Munafiqun (Hypocrites) more than Pagans. Indeed, Al-Munafiqeen were those people who were being called themselves as believers but inwardly they were the confederated of infidels. Allah (SWT) mentions to the Al-Munafiqeen in the Holy Quran at different places such as:


  • There are some people among the Muslims who actually do not believe in Tauheed and the Final Day but claim to be a Muslims in the front of the believers.
  • They want to cheat Allah (SWT), certainly, they are own cheated by God.
  • They have sickness in their hearts.
  • When commandment is given, obey only one God, they say how would we follow the order like fool believers. Truly, they are making fool themselves which they know not.
  • When they come across believers, they say swear we are with you and back they revealed the secrets to their confederates.
  • Allah (SWT) says believers should not tell their secrets to them.
  • They spread the blunder of heat among the battalions, but Allah (SWT) makes them silent to realize the believers by saying, the heat of Hell is more intense than the heat of the sun.

Thus, Allah (SWT) mentions their punishment in this way:

Explanation: Truly, Al-Munafiqeen will be burned in the fire everlasting and there is the immense curse of Allah (SWT) on them. They will have severe punishment forever in the fire of hell where they will remain endlessly. The fire will be more intensive than that of disbelievers and they will not find any helper.

Thus, being a Muslim we should pray to Allah (SWT) to save from the trait of Al-Munafiqeen. And for that purpose, we must go to Kaaba for the salvation of previous sins. So, the best option is Cheap Umrah Packages 2019 for the atonement of previous sins.




 Numbers of pilgrims make their arrangements in the holy month of Ramadan because in this month pilgrims are very near to the God. Moreover, there are several chances of forgiveness directly from His house.


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In this season, the climate is very friendly which could not disturb the Umrah. The pilgrims who come from extremely cool places regarding the execution of Umrah definitely prefer the winter season because of having the moderate temperature and a lot of winter leaves.


Nevertheless, what is your preferences, so you must focus on Umrah and immense pray to Allah (SWT) for the success in the world and the Day of Resurrection.