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The ordering of Umrah’s rites


Umrah is non-mandatory pilgrimage but has tremendous significance in Islam. The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said Umrah is the atonement of all previous sins. However, Muslims should perform it if they are monetarily and physically fit as the Prophet of God said, if the person is capable in all aspect he/she must visit the Kaaba once in life. However, it can be executed in every time of the year, so it is a great blessing and big opportunity from Allah (SWT).

If you get the chance through any cheap Umrah Packages 2019, so you must not miss visiting the Kaaba. However, there are some rites of Umrah which you must know before going to Mecca regarding executing the Umrah.

  • In the very first you should wear the Ihram as you enter the holy sanctuary of Mecca.
  • You should do Niyyah of Umrah.
  • You must kiss the black stone or touch or pointing if there is a huge crowd.
  • Make circumambulations (Tawaf) as anti-clockwise around the Kaaba.
  • Prayers are not allowed during the Tawaf.
  • You must make a semi-circle around the Kaaba section
  • Cover your right shoulder till the end.
  • Two short prayers are compulsory after the completion of Tawaf at Maqam e Ibrahim.
  • Make the seven circles at Safa & Marwa
  • After Sa’y head shaving is compulsory for men and for a woman, they should cut hair one or two centimetres.

For Women:

  • For women, Ihram is not required as a whole but should cover properly.
  • During the menstrual cycles, women are not allowed to perform Umrah.
  • Al-Idhtebaa and Al-Raml are not enforced for a woman pilgrims.
  • Talbeeyah-said in a low voice
  • Makeup is not strictly prohibited
  • The women should not veil her face.

Most pilgrims are also making their arrangements in Ramadan spell because of getting the hajj’s equal reward, so these all rites are same in this spell. If you also want to get the hajj’s equal reward then Ramadan Umrah Packages 2019 UK would be the best option.

However, if you cannot bear the hotness then you should choose another time for Umrah proceeding because Ramadan will be circled in tremendously summer season which might be created some of the complications. In such a situation, you must grab the december Umrah Packages 2019 to save from the tropical sun rays. Pilgrims who could not bear the warm spell they choose the winter season to perform Umrah.

Moreover, in this month there are plenty of winter leaves which could add other advantages such as wandering other Islamic spots which are echoing the Muslims devotions as well.